Decluttering using Feng Shui and astrology for a happier life

Decluttering, Feng Shui and a smidge of astrology

I’m working with my old boss Tania – who was the editor of Prediction magazine before I was. She’s just launched her new website  and I’m her editor at large – she’s always the boss of me! The website is dedicated to helping you feel serene, happy and thoroughly delighted in your home. There are some excellent decluttering ideas on there, if your stuff is beginning to make you feel a bit itchy. I think owning things is a bit exhausting. First you have to pay for things,  ten you need to clean them and remember where they live.  I can’t get any work done until things are ordered, and I do some of my most productive thinking when I’m tidying or cleaning. I read somewhere that the best cleaning agency in the world would be staffed by procrastinating journalists on a deadline!

If decluttering even a drawer makes you need to breathe into a paper bag, you must read my step-by-step instruction on this very important matter.

I find  the whole Feng Shui idea very appealing because if I walk into someone’s house and they’ve cleared stuff out – even if I can’t tell where from – I can feel it. There’s a tangible change in the energy flow – the ‘chi’ feels fresher.

As a militant de-clutterer, I’m not a fan of all the trinkets that get lumped in with Feng Shui, the coin, frog and mirror ornaments. They kinda defeat the object for me – just more tat! But I do love those Sun catcher crystals that shed little rainbow prisms around the room. You know, these things:

Suncatcher Feng Shui crystal
prism light fills decluttered rooms with new energy
There’s something very uplifting and hypnotic about those delightfully sparkly pools of light.

Astrology and decluttering

What are the astrological markers for hoarders and neat-freaks? Sun/Moon or Ascendant sign Librans and Taureans – or those with Venus in the 4th – need a harmonious home environment, while resourceful Scorpio is good at cutting out  excess frillage. Frugal Capricorns like to recycle until there’s nothing left! For the really serious cleaners I’d look for strong Virgo for proof of organisation, pedantry and a need to categorise. I’d inspect the 6th house for some obsessive Pluto action.

Top of the ‘keepers’ list would be Cancer who might feel protected by their stuff – and exposed when it’s gone! And Pisces, a little blind to chaos sometimes, sees treasure where others see trash. A strong Sun/Leo/5th might be all for show with overstuffed drawers and much sweeping under carpets.

Looking at my own chart  thinking it’s a Moon in Scorpio, Pluto in Virgo thing with my chart ruler, Venus, in 6th house Aries. I’m pretty militant when it comes to my own stuff. The only things I feel weird about getting rid of are books, radios and people. The rest can bugger off!

horoscope for Marion Williamson
Birth chart for Marion Williamson 5.55pm 1.5.69 Glasgow, Scotland


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