I’m a freelance editor, writer and astrologer. I’ve written hundreds of popular self discovery and self development features for a diverse range of magazines, books, organisations, experts and websites. I’m a regular contributor to Soul & Spirit, Spirit & Destiny and Kindred Spirit… pretty much anyone with ‘spirit’ in their title.

 I ghostwrite and supply copy for Watkins publishing (that’s the guys that own the amazing 100-year-old bookshop in London).

I’ve written the horoscopes for TVTimes, Soaplife and Angler’s Mail for ten years.

In March this year I wrote a sweet little book for Summersdale publishing – The Little Book of Astrology. It’s on it’s second reprint already and is available from Amazon, Waterstones, ASOS, Urban Outfitters and some supermarkets  – have a squizz here.

live in Brighton, UK. My cat Paddy watches me type every day.

© All the words and images on here are made by me, except where I’ve said they’re not. 

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