“I still discover new things about my own birth chart every day and I’ve been examining it for 30 years. Astrology evolves just as you do, reflecting your own changing nature and that of the people around you”

I’m an author, editor and ghostwriter.

Books I’ve written include: The Little Book of Astrology, The Little Book of The Zodiac and My Mind Won’t Shut Up! (out January 2021).

I was the astrologer for TVTimes for 15 years, and still write the horoscopes for Angler’s Mail. I also write self-discovery features for a diverse range of magazines, books and websites.

For ten years I edited Prediction magazine. Prediction was the UK’s first Mind, Body, Spirit publication, first published in 1936. It was a wonderful place to work and I met and wrote about some of the biggest names in the world of astrology, self-development and psychology.

I’m Scottish and live in Brighton, UK.

© All the words and images on here are made by me, except where I’ve said they’re not. 

Email me at: editormarion@gmail.com 

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