Hi. I’m an author, editor and astrologer. I’ve written hundreds of popular self discovery and self development features for a diverse range of magazines, books, organisations, experts and websites. I’m a regular contributor to Soul & Spirit, Spirit & Destiny and Kindred Spirit magazines. I’ve been writing the horoscopes for TVTimes, Soaplife and Angler’s Mail for over ten years.

Last year I wrote The Little Book of Astrology for Summersdale publishing. It’s a gorgeous little hardback book stuffed with everything you need to get started in astrology – including how to draw your own birth chart. It’s on it’s third reprint and is available from Topshop, Amazon, Waterstones, ASOS, Urban Outfitters and some supermarkets.

I was the editor of Prediction magazine for ten years. Prediction was the UK’s first Mind, Body, Spirit magazine, first published in 1936. I met and wrote about some of the biggest names in the world of astrology, Wicca, alternative lifestyles,  healing, alternative health and psychic phenomena. Sadly after 75 years, the magazine is no longer being published.

 I also ghostwrite and copywrite for Watkins publishing (that’s the guys that own the amazing 100-year-old bookshop in London).

live in Brighton, UK. My cat Paddy watches me type every day.

© All the words and images on here are made by me, except where I’ve said they’re not. 

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