The Little Book of Astrology


I’ve got a new book out! The Little Book of Astrology is published by Summersdale. it’s small but stuffed with interesting things. Looky here 🙂

Astrology is as rich and mysterious a subject as the night sky. There’s so much more to it than just Sun signs. It offers profound insight into our personal motivation and behaviour as well as helping us understand our relationships with others. Astrology teaches us that everything is part of an interconnected reality. Understanding how the ancient symbolism of the stars and planets can relate to events in your own life is a constantly evolving process. Astrology is a body of wisdom, a mirror of our world in the heavens, a search for human meaning in the skies. When modern science discovered that the galaxies in the heavens and the microbes in the earth were all made of atoms, they recognised the truth in the ancient adage, ‘As above, so below’ – in other words – we are all made of stars.

The book takes you on a voyage of self-discovery that gets more fascinating the more you learn. You’ll discover Sun, Rising and Moon signs as well as learning how to interpret the symbolism of each of the other ten planets located in your birth chart. I also look  how the signs get on with each other in love, work and parenting, as well as a section on how to draw up and interpret your own birth chart.

You’ll find it in most decent book shops as well as Amazon, ASOS, Urban Outfitters and some supermarkets.

I’m not usually as smug as I look in this picture.